33. Meditate on Your Mood

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-third meditation. You know that feeling when a mood descends over you like a thick, heavy blanket? And not a comfortable blanket, but more like one that you’re trapped under. Bad moods certainly are uncomfortable; they can be an inconvenience, and they can make for a really unpleasant day. […]

32. The Meaning of Life

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-second meditation. You’re probably listening to this because you have a desire to improve yourself. None of us is perfect, nor can we be, but a healthy ambition to be better will get us closer and closer to the person we wish to be. It is not a straightforward […]

31. How to Decide

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-first meditation. Do you ever struggle with making decisions? Every day we are constantly making choices, however small, that will determine the course of our lives from that point forward. Most of these choices occur only semi-consciously – we stand up, we stretch, we look at our phone. The […]

30. Talking About Grief

Good morning and welcome to your thirtieth meditation. Have you ever lost someone close to you, or been close to someone who has? Odds are the answer is yes. And even if you haven’t experienced loss up close yet, you will in time. Perhaps you think this is a rather grim way to start a […]

29. Strong Enough to be Vulnerable

Good morning and welcome to your twenty-ninth meditation. When you hear the word vulnerability, what do you think? Does it have a negative connotation attached to it? Do you associate it with weakness? If so, you would not be alone. And it makes sense to think that, doesn’t it. To be vulnerable is to leave […]

28. Roles of a Partner

Good morning and welcome to your twenty-eighth meditation. What is the role of a partner in a relationship? We may have some ready-made answers to this question, such as to listen and to care, to offer emotional support, to love. We all require these things in our lives and so it’s only natural that we […]

27. Strategic Tech

Good morning and welcome to your twenty-seventh meditation. Few would dispute that we are in a technological age. Newer and faster and more effective technologies are introducing themselves into every nook and cranny of our lives, assisting us with every imaginable task ranging from the banal to the most specialized and professional. They afford us […]

26. Better Than You Expected

Good morning and welcome to your twenty-sixth meditation. Today we’re going to talk about expectations. One of the mixed blessings of being human is our ability to think abstractly. We can go beyond what is concretely before us to a world of imagination, of the theoretical and the hypothetical. This skill serves us remarkably well […]

25. What You Really Really Want

Good morning and welcome to your twenty-fifth meditation. What do you want out of life? And when is the last time you really asked yourself this question in earnest? You probably have at least some vague notion of how you would answer it. Most of us could use more money; we want love; perhaps we […]

24. Communicationship

Good morning and welcome to your twenty-fourth meditation. Perhaps you’ve heard it said that good relationships are founded on good communication. Communicating is quite literally how we relate to one another, hence no communication, no relationship. The whole enterprise could just as easily be called a communicationship. This may all seem rather obvious to you, […]


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