40. Overwhelmed? Externalize.

Good morning and welcome to your fortieth meditation. How do you deal with the feeling of overwhelm? With the feeling that there are just too many things to do and not enough time to do them? Do you just jump right in and start doing what needs to get done? Or do you do anything […]

39. Your Moral Isn’t Moral For All

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-ninth meditation. Every conscientious person spends a lot of time thinking about and crafting a moral system that can guide their decisions in life. That system tells us how to behave, dictates what is important to us, and plays a huge role in the type of person we are […]

38. The Second Step

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-eighth meditation. There is a narrative that has existed for a long time that says that we should silently, stoically endure whatever hardships life throws at us. It tells us that to be vulnerable is to be weak, and what’s worse, it makes us appear weak to others. According […]

37. When to Let Someone Go

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-seventh meditation. Relationships are hard. They require work. Whether it is with a friend, a spouse, a lover, or a family member, we cannot simply establish a relationship and expect it to remain static, in its pristine initial incarnation. Rather, a relationship is a process, subject to all the […]

36. Play

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-sixth meditation. Remember when you were a kid and you used to ask your friends to play? What a beautiful way to propose spending time together. Of course, as adults we have our ways of expressing the same thing: “you wanna hang out?”, “let’s get together”, “we should go […]

35. The Self as One

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-fifth meditation. We often hear that we are comprised of three distinct elements: mind, body, and soul. The mind does the reasoning, the body is our physical incarnation, and the soul is our essence and what connects us to that which is beyond ourselves. And that all makes good […]

34. The Planet and You

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-fourth meditation. There is no denying it. Our earth is in peril. In the last fifty years we have lost 68% of our planet’s biodiversity. We are losing up to one-hundred fifty species every single day. The situation is dire, and the scientific consensus is that this is the […]

33. Meditate on Your Mood

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-third meditation. You know that feeling when a mood descends over you like a thick, heavy blanket? And not a comfortable blanket, but more like one that you’re trapped under. Bad moods certainly are uncomfortable; they can be an inconvenience, and they can make for a really unpleasant day. […]

32. The Meaning of Life

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-second meditation. You’re probably listening to this because you have a desire to improve yourself. None of us is perfect, nor can we be, but a healthy ambition to be better will get us closer and closer to the person we wish to be. It is not a straightforward […]

31. How to Decide

Good morning and welcome to your thirty-first meditation. Do you ever struggle with making decisions? Every day we are constantly making choices, however small, that will determine the course of our lives from that point forward. Most of these choices occur only semi-consciously – we stand up, we stretch, we look at our phone. The […]


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