2. Own Your Feelings

Good morning and welcome to your second meditation. You’re here. Despite everything you’re here. There are so many variables in our lives that we cannot control and at times it can make us feel completely powerless. But you are here. We can feel overwhelmed by everything that is thrown at us, things we never would have chosen to take on, and we can feel disturbed by the sensation that we are merely the passive recipients of our lives. And sometimes it can even seem like the world is conspiring against us. This can be really hard. And it’s ok to feel frustrated, or angry, or anxious, or to think it unfair that you should suffer so much. Don’t judge yourself. This is how you feel, and it’s important to let yourself feel it. Take a second to allow yourself to feel more fully whatever it is you’re feeling right now. Inhale. Exhale. Maybe you feel great, in which case relish that feeling. Delight in it. Maybe things have not been going so well and you’re feeling downtrodden. Breathe. Whatever it is that you feel, own it. It is yours. It is an expression of you and so is self-affirming and empowering. Remember, taking control of your life is not some daunting, gargantuan act of heroism, but a series of small, simple, and regular actions that help to make manageable all of the unpredictable challenges that life thrusts on us. Acts like making checklists, keeping schedules for yourself, and carving out some time each day dedicated to deliberately processing how you feel. You’re here. You made the effort. By listening to this podcast you have taken an important step toward attaining the feeling of control and agency that you are seeking in your life. Congratulations. Keep it up. You’re doing great. Have a wonderful day.

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