3. Do the Thing

Good morning and welcome to your third meditation. You did it! You thought that perhaps this podcast could help you relax, or feel a little better about yourself, or offer you some tips on how to be the best version of yourself. You had that thought and now you are following through on it. That is fantastic! Way to go! Unfortunately, the truth is that seeing things through can often be really hard. There are so many obstacles in our lives that can distract and discourage us from even setting healthy goals, let alone seeing them through to completion. And at the centre of this flurry of obstacles that we constantly encounter in the world around us there resides perhaps the most persistent and potentially most damaging one of all: our own self-doubt. This self-doubt can consist of other people’s judgements that we’ve internalized, or our own judgements of other people that accidentally get redirected back at us, or fear-based rationalizations of why not to do something that in truth we would like to do. It can seem impossible to escape these obstructive ways of thinking. They are inside us after all and so tend to follow us wherever we go. But there’s good news! Ever-present as your self-doubt may seem, there’s a simple way to quieten it. And that is to just do the thing that you are aspiring to do. You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating because those doubting inner voices have become so good at talking over and around its simple common sense. Sure, sometimes starting can be difficult because that is just the time when those negative voices can be loudest. But just do it anyway. Ignore those voices. So long as you’re not harming anyone by doing it, if you truly want something, that is justification enough. So go ahead! Get started. Right away! And you will likely see that in the doing you’ll derive pleasure, and pleasure will lead to focus, and focus will lead to productivity, and productivity to a feeling of accomplishment. And typically the more occupied you become by the task at hand in this way, the more you will forget to doubt that you can  do it. So whatever it is, do it! You can! Of course you can! All you have to do is start, and there has never been a better time than now to start. You wanted to listen to this podcast because you thought it might help you. And you did! You did it! Congratulations! Keep it up. You’re doing great. Now what’s next? Have a wonderful day.

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